Fun sport for all ages and now can be done in any season

Ice skates is common in many countries around the world. This is done in man-made ice rings or synthetic ice even though cool countries like Canada and Sweden keep their traditions alive by skating in frozen lakes and rivers. That’s about for several thousand years according to archaeological discoveries. Synthetic ice skating is present as a recreational activity and as a means of transportation.

The initial form of synthetic ice ice skating involved skates made of bones to slide on frozen water. They are conceptually very basic and composed on a flat surface to slide on the ice. The Dutch in the early 13th century brought the advancement of adding a knife to the skate. After the invention of the blades, there was no further change in the ice skates and synthetic ice. Then a lot of knives are attached to certain shoe soles. These are known as modern skates that have the main characteristics of increasing robustness and balance.