Know the Types of Tent

The tent is one of the compulsory equipment that must be brought when doing field activities, mountain climbing, camping, fishing. Tents can be categorized by capacity, material (related to tent weight) and function. There is a large capacity, loading 10-15 people to the most goes tent, the smallest tent that only fit one person. Material for making a tent also vary, from pole tent material, inner tent and Fly rain tent. The function of tents is more related to geography, in this case, is the season or the activities and activities carried out, whether the tent to ride the mountain, the tent for the family (to the lake, beach, park). You can be found many tents in our store, one of them is alps mountaineering tent.

Here are some tent types:

– Dome Tent
This tent is the most popular tent and is often used for various outdoor activities. This tent is characterized by a curved shape on supporting poles with two or three pole poles that extend half a circle to support the tent. The poles that are strung together will form a square or rectangular tent. The limbs of the dome tents are relatively easy to remove. Dome tents are ideally not used in extreme weather situations. In normal weather conditions, these tents are able to withstand strong winds and rain but are not strong enough to hold them continuously.

– Quick Pitch Tents
This tent has a relatively new design and is increasingly popular used by people who want to camp but want to cut the old install time. The difference with pop-up tents is that these tents have integrated poles that have connections when removable tent posts will close like umbrellas. When the pole has been widened, the tent panel only needs to be tied to the support pole. And can be fixed in the middle of the tent.

– Tent Tunnel
If your buddy needs extra space while camping with family or friends, the tunnel tent is a perfect choice. As the name implies, this tent forms an elongated tunnel in which will provide more space. The buffer poles ring a series of semicircular arches that will create a long tunnel structure.