Recognize the Difference Wool and Synthetic Carpet

Carpets are quite popular floor coverings. With a variety of colors and materials, the carpet is able to provide comfort as well as aesthetic value for the home view. If you do not know the material of the carpet maker, there are two quite common in the market, namely wool and polypropene (synthetic) carpets. Both have striking differences, as well as with both treatments that can not be arbitrary, therefore you can use services. Wool Carpet, this type of carpet is famous for its excellent quality. Feels bounced and not easily flat when stepped on. Although not 100% made of wool, this carpet still feels soft. Another plus, this carpet is more durable and fireproof, and environmentally friendly. However, in accordance with its quality, the price of this carpet is also quite expensive. In addition, the dust will stick to the thread and make it difficult to clean. The wool yarn itself is easily removed when cleaned so it is not suitable for people who have allergies.

Polypropene carpets, synthetic rugs are also used for packing materials, textiles, and stationery. Excess carpet is the answer to the shortcomings contained on the woolen carpet. Some of the most common advantages are resistant to stains, easy to clean, and relatively inexpensive. It’s just, in accordance with the price and the material, this type does not have the quality as well as carpet made from wool, both appearance, and softness. Both, have an advantage that is ready to pamper you and the shortcomings that make people think twice. Just return it to your needs and wants.