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Content That Affects Against SEO

Google itself states that the quality of a content is not only seen from the uniqueness and how informative the content is for the reader, but also from the technical side of the authors such as spelling and typo minimization. From the reader side, content containing many misspellings and typo will reduce the trust or credibility of the website itself. From Google’s side as a search engine, content with many misspellings will complicate the precision of search algorithms. You create content with a title that contains the keywords you are targeting, but the content is totally irrelevant to it, or if the relevant ones are briefly covered while the rest of your content is talking about something else. This is called a fool of readers. Cloaking also includes deceiving readers and making your website at high risk of being penalized by Google. What is meant by cloaking is showing different content to readers and Googlebot? Want to find your SEO and support your company ranking in doing online promotion? Be prepared to hire the services of www.pagesatu.com.

In recent years, Google has been warned about buying and selling links. The meaning of buying and selling links is to exchange links with money, products, or services. Content that has too many types of links like this is clearly against Google’s quality guidelines. Consequently, the content or even your entire blog will be derived from search engines. Unfortunately, we have not found a valid enough literature about how many paid links or paid links are allowed and which are not. If in the previous points discussed is the existence of backlinks, then at this point is about the quality of the content itself. When creating a sponsored post in the form of a review of a product whether it’s goods or services, a blogger often gives a description of the product. There is nothing wrong with it, the wrong is if the description is only a copy of the product provider’s website.