Unexpected Relationship Between Diabetes and Uric Acid

Interesting when we find one disease with another. How one condition can trigger the occurrence of other conditions. And it turns out this kind of thing also applies to diabetes and gout. There is a link between the two diseases until found a high patient who complained both the disease. According to webmd.com sources, they are explained with the problem of acid more susceptible to later diabetes. And vice versa, chronic diabetics will be more vulnerable to gout problems. It is a Somann product that can cure various diseases and has been clinically tested, so you can read more info on biz.kompas.com/read/2017/02/22/081000928/jangan.sampai.diamputasi.obati.diabetes.dengan .soman.

In medicinenet.com, said the study at Stanford University in 2011 with the involvement of 2000 patients with uric acid proves that 20% of people with uric acid than having diabetes. And 40% of people with gout develop kidney problems. There are several aspects to why these two diseases can be related. But much of it actually comes down to one problem, namely from food. Most foods that are not recommended for diabetics are also not recommended in people with uric acid. And those who are not diligent with the diet will certainly get the same risk of both types of disease.